Your partner to sharpen your Talent

Recognize Talents

within your Organization!

Thinking about hiring professional talents or worried that there are no talents within your organization? Hold on! Using MY Scorecard , you may find the required talents for your organization. It’s all about offering promotion and giving compliment to make your team loyal and solid to achieve the organization’s goals.

Better Employee Engagement

to Increase Ownership!

Using MY Scorecard, you can build an authentic relationship with your team members. You know how to get them engaged because they understand your expectations. When you build a positive relationship with your team, they would generally be more productive, since they know that management does care, treat everyone fairly, and transparently for every single task that they have done. You will get better employee engagement, better sense of belonging, and your team members will always give their best throughout the year.

Define and boost your

Organization’s Values!

Most organizations set their values in such a good way, however, hard to measure and to make team members demonstrate such values. MY Scorecard helps you to measure and score the organizational values. By doing that, the team will be motivated to demonstrate the values in their daily working behavior.

Your Performance and

Communication Platform!

MY Scorecard is your performance platform because you put all the instructions and feedback on this app. Communication between the superior and subordinate will be interactive, stable, and trackable. You are able to easily give feedback to your team, anytime and anywhere, as long as you have access to this app. Your team also can easily give a report to you anytime and anywhere. MY Scorecard will be your “new office”!

3 Easy Steps



Create your Task

Create detail of task, set deadline, submit with proof of work.


Evaluate your Task

Your task will be reviewed by a Supervisor and score will be given.


Rate and Define Value

of Organization

Set of reviewed tasks within organization will define value of the organization.

What You Will Get

Better Timeliness

Higher Quality of Work

Measurable Quantity of Work

As MY Scorecard also considers timeliness as one of the factors to be rated, your team will always submit their task by the expected deadline, otherwise their rating will decrease and it impacts to the overall rating.

By creating, putting deadline and evaluating every task given, your team will be able to prioritize their job and put maximum effort to finish the task. They are doing their task as best as they can to get highest score for their future reference in performance review.

Management is able to measure productivity of each team member from number of completed tasks and the overall rating of reviewed tasks with their values. Team members are able to view their own scorecard, their productivity, and do as best as they can for better performance!

Real-time Outstanding

Task Monitoring

As a business owner or one of the management team members, it is important to ensure business goes as planned with all the activities to reach the goal. MY Scorecard helps you to record each process since creation of the task, on-going task to be monitored, and completed task at any time and real-time. When it comes to performance review, offering promotion, or salary adjustment, you are able to generate performance report of a specific team for your review.

What People are Saying
“JIEP tetap dapat memantau kinerja karyawan secara tegas dan berkala dengan MY Scorecard yang selaras dengan core value AKHLAK.”
AVP Human Capital
“MYSC menjadi solusi dalam menghadapi kebiasaan baru dalam bekerja ini.”
Corporate HR Manager
“MYSC memudahkan kami untuk membuat perencanaan & tidak ada yang terlewatkan.”
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